Room 2’s World War One Assembly

Look how many people watched our Electronic Book play at assembly today!

We estimated there was almost 600 people there!

We will post our E-book and a full report on the experience soon.


We also had many parents, family members and caregivers join us in Room 2 for a cuppa and some cake after the performance.

Thank you to Mrs James and Mrs Gray who helped make our special day possible!



More to come, stay tuned…


Guest Speaker

In Term 1 our English and History lessons have been centred on World Word War One.

Did you know this year marks the hundred year anniversary of the Australian soldiers arrival at Gallipoli?

We are very close to completing our persuasive writing task that answers the question ‘should children be sent to war?’

To help us back up our reasoning with some evidence we invited our school Chaplain Mrs Forsyth to come into our room and talk to us about how trauma can effect young developing minds.

We hope to post our final copies of the writing with all of Mrs Forsyth’s evidence soon…



Year Six ‘get to know you day!’

What an exciting and exhausting day we had on Monday the 9th of February!

All Year Six students from Rangeway Primary School had the opportunity to spend the day at the Geraldton Aquarena where we participated in organised games, free swimming time and climbed all over the BIFF (Big Inflatable Floating Fun).

Students almost missed out on having lunch as Mr Barnes forgot the esky with all the food in it!

Luckily the pools are near the school and we avoided any starving students…

Every single attendee behaved brilliantly and we are currently organising some similar excursions for the future.

The next one will be a leadership skills day at the Camp School.

Check out our pictures below!



Welcome to 2015

I would like to welcome the 27 new students and their families to Room 2!

Already we have many exciting activities, excursions and experiences planned for the coming weeks beginning on Monday the 9th of February with our Year 6 ‘get to know you’ day at the Aquarena.

We will be playing beach volleyball and outside pool games, making our own lunches and playing on the BIFF!

Stay tuned for photos, reports and more!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don’t hesitate to make a time to come and talk with me.

I know we are going to have the BEST year!

Chad Barnes